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You can buy many of our products from our Etsy Shop, So There.


Boutiques, Galleries, and Shops

We’re lucky to have our work featured in a couple of local shops, including Experience Tea and Art by Fire in Issaquah. We also participate in a few art walks and sales throughout the year, in addition to our big Historic Shell Holiday Shop in the winter.
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We are open to wholesale opportunities for most of our line. Contact Alison, info@andsothere.com for more information.

What we make

Our line ranges from letterpress printed stationery to home decor but the underlying theme is simple – Love of Typography, History, Material, and Process. Letters and words weave themselves through our designs, ephemera and history show up from time to time, and each piece shows the hand of the maker.

Greeting Cards and Stationery

We believe the best things are said with words, on paper. That’s a pretty simple idea, but in today’s web-obsessed world there is something so special about having a card delivered by mail or by hand. We like to bring a little humor to our designs, because laughter is the best medicine (and other clichés.) Our cards are typically A1 size, because we like to be able to fill up every spare inch of these smaller cards with thoughts, and think you might too. Our cards are either printed on our antique California Reliable or digitally printed on a high-quality cover stock. You can read more about our process here.
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Journals, Jotters, Planners, and Books

Staying true to the long line of bibliophiles we come from, we love turning paper into books. We especially like finding a problem and using it as a reason to turn paper into books; like our planners, daily journals, and multipurpose books. Our books covers are either printed on the antique letterpress or digitally printed on a large color laser printer; interior pages are always printed digitally to prevent bleeding. We bind our books in a variety of ways– spiral, ring, saddle-stapled, and stitched– depending on the final use. We use heavy recycled chipboard or paper for our covers, and sometimes we add a little band to hold everything together.

Doodleware Etched Glass

As an experiment in free-hand etching, Alison pulled out the Dremel one day and started playing with some old jars. The work quickly morphed into another way to express her love of the letter, and of pattern, in a functional product. We now do a variety of etched glass pieces, reclaiming jars, wine glasses, and other containers with our one-of-a-kind hand-etched designs. She loves to do custom series for households and gifts, so it you’re looking for something special email her, info@andsothere.com.

Library Card Lamps

Alison’s love of type comes very honestly through a long line of educators; most obviously her mother, the librarian. When presented with a box of old library cards, Alison decided to turn those little bits of ephemera into unique pieces for the home. She gives damaged lampshades a new life by stripping them to wire frames, and covering them with a new bibliophile blanket. The new shades are a warm combination of card catalog or check-out cards, book repair materials, stitches, and old-timey magic. Though her collection of cards is limited (and dwindling) she loves to put together custom shades for special people- with themed books, and the occasional quiet silhouette.